Welcome to EconHacks Bangalore
India's first economics hackathon by students for students

October 9th - 11th

About EconHacks

Welcome to EconHacks Bangalore

EconHacks is a completely free 48 hour virtual hackathon for all students. People from all over India will gather around to form teams of 1-5 and aim to better the economic conditions which have further aggravated during the pandemic.


Check our Prizes

Win exciting prizes and swags by making beautiful hacks

Best Low Code Hack

This track is for beginners. Hacks made using low code or no code platforms such as Draftbit, Gramex and even MIT App Inventor

  • 4,000 INR Cash
  • 1 year Draftbit Pro (USD $449 value)
  • Leading Learners Extention Packs (USD $100 value)
  • 1 year Cybrancee free hosting
  • Replit 6 month hacker plan (USD $42)
  • 15% discount on any ACF class
  • LifeTime Taskade Subscription (USD $300+)

Best EconHack

The best hack which is related to economics challenges economics issues and the idea has an excellent business aspect, that is it sells to investors, customers.

  • 4,000 INR Cash
  • 1 year Draftbit Pro (USD $449 value)
  • Leading Learners Extention Packs (USD $100 value)
  • Replit 6 month hacker plan (USD $42 value)
  • 15% discount on any ACF class
  • LifeTime Taskade Subscription (USD $300+)

Best Open-Ended Hack

If you have a unique or a different idea not related to economics or any given track you can enter for this track where you make you are on your own.

  • 4,000 INR Cash
  • 1 year Draftbit Pro (USD $449 value)
  • Leading Learners Extention Packs (USD $100 value)
  • Replit 6 month hacker plan (USD $42 value)
  • 15% discount on any ACF class
  • LifeTime Taskade Subscription (USD $300+)


  • ₹20,000 for best Dapp built on Tezos
  • Continuity grant opportunity up to $5,000 for outstanding projects
  • ₹25,000 for building a Flutter Tezos Wallet App


  • 20,000 for best Dapp built on Celo
  • Continuity Support


  • ₹20000 for best use of IPFS and/or Filecoin


  • ₹10,000 for the best hack built on Ethereum, or
  • 15,000 for the best hack built on Ethereum + Polygon,
  • Eligibility to apply for internship/full-time roles and seed funding of up to 5,000 USD for winners!


  • First Prize - ₹20,000
  • Second Prize - ₹10,000
  • Swags for all valid submissions


  • Teams must use the Qoom platform to be eligible for this prize :
  • Feature on Qoom Project Gallery
  • 1-year Starter Plan (one per member)


Dollars Funded in Prizepool




Our Hardworking Team

Passionate students just like you who helped bring this event to you

Ansh Tulsyan

Lead Organiser

Rahul Jaikrishna

CoLead Organiser

Mehtaab Kohli

Content Creator

Khushi Tikkiwal


Arghya Sarkar

Web Designer

Disha Himani

Logistics Manager

Rishabh Bezbarua


Alvin Ben George

Co-Lead Designer

Yash Pravin Pawar

Co-Lead Designer


Our Judges

Meet our panel of judges who will decide the grand winners of this hackathon.

Aanchal Mishra

Anika Tibrewala

Smaranjit Ghose

Harsh Bajpai

Abhishek Doshi


Our Speakers

Speakers who build the blocks within you.

Kaiwalya Koparkar



Abhishek Doshi


The Mentors

People who can guide you throughout your hackathon ride and help you all the way! You can also become a mentor by filling out this form.

Kaiwalya Koparkar

A Full Stack Developer with experience building open source projects.

Anika Tibrewala

I am a Microsoft learn Student Ambassador and a former Intern at Barclays.

Aanchal Mishra

Machine Learning enthusiast and a passionate learner who's always willing to learn and work across technologies and domains.

Harsh Bajpai

Harsh is a vegetarian musician who enjoys traveling around India.

Smaranjit Ghose

MS Data Science grad at Columbia University and an independent computer vision researcher.

Rakshaa Viswanathan

A senior year undergrad doing EECS at NIT Trichy.

Ayush Garg

Ayush Garg is a passionate developer who has keen interests in scientific research, especially in the open science sphere.


Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to answer some common questions here but if you have any queries you can contact us on our email

  • No worries, you can join our discord server and ask us for some cool ideas. If you like other people's ideas you can work with them too!

  • Nothing. We have been able to bring this hackathon to you free of cost with the help of our amazing sponsors.

  • This is an Economy based hackathon. You can build anything which provides an economic value and helps the struggling citizens of our country.

  • Yes, you can submit projects in teams of 1-5 people. Most teams aim to have a mix of people with both design and developer skills.

  • A hackathon is best described as an “invention marathon”. Anyone who has an interest in technology attends a hackathon to learn, build & share their creations over the course of a weekend in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. You don’t have to be a programmer and you certainly don’t have to be majoring in Computer Science.

  • Yes. Anyone who has graduated high school within the last 12 months is still eligible to attend our hackathon

  • Not at all! This is a common misconception about hackathons and in actual fact, it’s the complete opposite. The environment at these events are designed specifically to encourage everyone to have fun and help each other. If you’re ever stuck on anything, go find a volunteer who might able to help and if not, they will almost certainly know who can.

  • Not a problem! It’s entirely irrelevant what your experience is going into a hackathon, it’s more about your interest in technology. Our hackathon is beginner-friendly. If you want to learn how to code outside of a hackathon, you should check out the following: Treehouse, Codecademy and the Major League Hacking blog to get started.

  • You might think your project isn’t impressive or it might not be finished so you don’t want to present it. You should present it anyway! Honestly, hackathons isn’t about being the best or being competitive. It’s all about having fun, making friends and learning how to become better at things you care about. Presenting your hack gives you a chance to be proud of what you’ve done, and you should be proud.

  • EconHacks hosts hacathon based on the theme of economy and issues faced by people to help create awareness about economics in the youth.

  • You can contact us on our email infobangalore@econhacks.org regarding any complaints, feedbacks and sugestions!


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Sponsor our hackathon!

EconHacks Bangalore is a completely free hackathon and hence requires your support to make this event a success. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit — all donations are tax-deductible! View our prospectus to get more information about our hackathon, sponsorship tiers & more.

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